Sunday, March 31, 2013

Section Sunday!

Welcome back to Section Sunday! In honor of my new book contract, I'm sharing another section of Silent Surrender, which will be part of Decadent Publishing's Tease line later this year. Quinn and Meggie are in her kitchen making sandwiches for a group of people. Hope you enjoy!

Quinn invaded her space and cupped her cheek. “It’s a wonderful picture of you with your ginger curls, that purple shirt molding to your lovely curves.”
Don’t.” She said, but she didn’t put him away.
His thumb swirled along her skin and the scent of him invaded her nostrils. “Why do you fight it? Us?” His lips brushed over the shell of her ear. Dizziness swirled inside her brain. So much she wanted to give in, to fall back into his strong arms, to feel the muscles in his chest, his back, to surrender to the beautiful experience she knew she could have with him. But she had too much to lose.
She raised her hands, planted her palms on his chest. To ward him off, aye?
We were so damn good together,” he whispered before his teeth grazed her earlobe. “We could be again.”
Her breasts tingled, yearned for the touch of his hands, his lips, his tongue. Oh, what this man could do with his mouth! She inhaled an unsteady breath.
She shook her head. “No,” she said with absolutely no conviction.
Come on, Meg.” His hand drifted up her side, under the curve of her breast. “Let me have my way with you again.”
No.” Did that come out firmer this time? “I don’t want to.”
You do.”
Her head shot up. “Calling me a liar, are you?”
Yes. I can see it in your eyes, in the way your body responds to me.” He pressed his thigh further against her, teasing her while he swiped his thumb over her clothed nipple. “Stop fighting me.”
Bugger. Her whole body shivered. “I said no, Quinn.” She slapped her palms against his chest and shoved. Of course he didn’t move.
“‘Ere. I’ll thank you to take your hands off me sister.” Jamie’s hardened voice held a thinly veiled threat.

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