Sunday, March 3, 2013

Section Sunday

Hello! Welcome to "Section Sunday"! Each Sunday I will post a section of one of my works for you to read and comment on (if you choose).

Today's "Section" is part of my current Work-In-Progress, Silent Surrender. This is a short story romance set in the Highlands of Scotland (modern day). The heroine is a secondary character from my very first book, Her Highland Champion, and the hero is a football coach originally from just outside of Dublin, Ireland. I'm hoping to submit this to my publisher within the next couple of days.

As this section opens, they are playing football with a few kids on the school field. Of course, Meggie and Quinn are on opposite teams, which makes it even more fun! Be sure to let me know what you think! (And please remember this is still part of a rough draft, so don't be too hard on me!)

He closed the distance between them. Meggie pushed against his rock-hard abs and tangled with his feet. He tugged on her ponytail, slid his foot between hers and sent the ball to his teammates.
Meggie yelped. Her arms flailed to her sides. Her feet remained tangled with Quinn's and she lost her balance.
Quinn circled her waist and twisted her so his body took the brunt of the impact with the dirt-packed earth. She rolled to the side, still cradled in the crook of his arm and with the pressure of his delicious body over every inch of hers. “Are you all right?” He propped himself up and brushed her hair away from her face.
“Aye. Thank you for taking the fall for us.”
“You're down here with me, aren't you?”
“But you protected me. Thank you, my Irish knight.”
“My pleasure, my lady.”
Yes, she was his lady and she decided she rather liked it.
He leaned down and claimed her mouth.
“Is she hurt?” one of the lads yelled. The ground trembled beneath their feet.
“Aye, ye daft fool. He's giving her mouth-to-mouth,” yelled another.

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