Saturday, March 30, 2013

Surprise Saturday!

Guess what I got! A NEW CONTRACT! Whoohooo! It's another contemporary Scottish romance, set in the fictional version of my happy place! Silent Surrender is the story with the Irish hero and it will be part of Decadent Publishing's new Tease series. If you've read Her Highland Champion, you'll be familiar with some of the characters in this new story. This is how I'm celebrating:

And while I'm celebrating, here's the really, really unofficial blurb for Silent Surrender:

For the last eight months, Meggie MacDougall has dreamt about the sexy Irish football coach who swept her off her feet during her Dublin vacation. But what happened in Dublin must stay there. She has responsibilities at home and has no intention of fueling the gossip fires in Glenhalish. But the sparks fly when Quinn O’Connell arrives in her Highland village claiming he needs to see her just one more time.