Friday, March 8, 2013

Non-Fiction Friday!

Welcome to Non-Fiction Friday!
No, I'm not talking about a non-fiction book, although I might in later weeks! No, today (and every Friday) I'm sharing something about my real world. And so.....

Here's the backstory:
Many of you know that I've had a rocky couple of years. For those of you who don't know (or don't remember), I quit my teaching job in June 2010 because it was sucking the life out of me. I left without another job to go to except for substitute teaching. I struggled quite a bit, but I've learned A LOT in the time since. In the end, I think I still would've quit but I would've planned better.

Fast-forward almost 3 years and here we are. In January of this year I started a new full-time job as a writing tutor for a charter school. I'm an hourly employee with benefits and a decent paycheck. I get to leave work at work and spend the time outside doing what I love- working on my writing career.

My Non-Fiction Friday post is actually this:
It's amazing how much my confidence level has increased since I now have the same place to go every morning. I'm making new friends at my job, and I'm LOVING working with the kids to help them become better writers. I'm finding myself smiling and comfortable most days. My day job has done that for me and I figured it would, but I'd forgotten how good it could feel to belong to one "community" and to make a difference. It's amazing to be...needed, respected and treated like the intelligent person I am.

Because I have these feelings with the day job, I then take those same feelings to my part-time job as well. Then I also bring them home to work on my books or promo or the online class I'm teaching. It's a pleasant cycle and I never want it to stop. I could and WANT TO get used to these feelings because I deserve them.  


  1. Yes, you do deserve them. It's a wonderful feeling to be in control and content with life. Keep going.

    CJ x
    (member of British Romantic fiction)

  2. Nice! so my question is... do they need an art teacher? :)

  3. I am so glad you have found the right path to help you travel through life and be happy. Confidence and contentment are two of the most valuable attributes we can have.

  4. It's great to hear you are in a good place, Lexi. Being miserable is now way to live if you can find something that will expand your horizons and fulfil your dreams. Proud of you for following your dreams.

  5. Thank you, everyone, for your support!

    Cheryl, not sure. Although the Art teacher is having a baby toward April. I'll keep watch for ya!

  6. I'm so glad you're enjoying your jobs and have found happiness. Yes, you definitely deserve it. Wishing you all the best! Big hugs!

  7. So glad this position proved to be a good fit. I believed when you described it that it would be a big win, win situation for students and teacher. Love it when I show a little insight.

    Congrats on the movement this new confidence will bred. jean (Clan Maxwell)