Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Talent Tuesday!

Welcome to Talent Tuesday! This is the day that I will be introducing you to someone else and his or her talent. It might be writing or it might be something else.

Today, I am honored to present to you a friend of mine I don't get to see nearly enough. Take it away, Brenda Sanders!

Hi there, everyone! My name is Brenda Sanders, but back when I was writing it was Brenda Bradshaw. I originally met Alexa at my first Romance Writers of America conference when it was in Dallas back in like -- '04, maybe? I picked her up in a bar. Seriously. I went to the conference not knowing a soul, and this chick came up to the bar where I was sitting to order a drink. I said: "Are you a writer?" and bam! She hasn't been able to get rid of me since.

I do so love writing, but the market changed drastically during that time and ePub took off, and in doing so, it flooded the market, and I decided that it wasn't something I'd be interested in. Thank goodness Alexa dug her heels in and kept on going -- look at her now! I used to see her pretty often at our monthly meetings (I drove about an hour and a half each way once a month) and now I miss her -- but thank goodness for technology! Now I get to read about her writing adventures all the time, from exciting news on a new release to her writing marathons she sets for herself on a weeknight.

So, about me, I guess. I'm 43 and live in Texas, in this little town called Cameron. It's in the middle -- of nothing. An hour from Austin, an hour from Waco, and an hour from Bryan/College Station. Centrally located, yes. Convenient, ha! But I love this little town nonetheless. I lead Girl Scouts -- the bigger girls -- junior high through high school. I have four kids although two of them are grown now and only two remain at home. Five dogs and a husband. Whew! I also have Fibromyalsia and recently diagnosed with Lupus about this time last year. Last month I was told I had osteoarthritis (degenerative bone disorder) in my right hip -- at the ripe old age of 43. And they won't even consider a hip replacement until I'm 50 -- in seven years. So... I found something I can do to help supplement my disability: I own Tarnished Texan. I make clothes, vintage-inspired aprons, household stuff. I also crochet: afghans, hats/scarves and very unique baby afghans. I pride myself on taking vintage styles but changing them up, whether it's with fresh color choices or added accents, something to make it very much one of a kind. I did have an Etsy shop, but it's currently being revamped. It's only been in the last couple of months where I've realized I wanted to take Tarnished Texan, so I'm floundering around here at ground level with the grunt work and getting that into place so here soon, I can not only fly, but soar.

My newest adventure is with Origami Owl jewelry. When you live in constant and unrelenting pain, it's really easy to get mired down in depression, and last year I started this task, this challenge for myself and others who may want to join, to find the positive in every day life. To BE the change. To LIVE the difference. Then I was introduced to this jewelry, and it really reiterated all those positive messages I wanted to embrace. And not only that, but each piece is truly one of a kind, so it fit in perfectly with the direction I wanted to take Tarnished Texan.

I'm including a few photos. Examples of the afghans, the ponchos, and aprons, as well as a couple examples of Origami Owl jewelry. I'm very easy to find: Just go onto Facebook and look for Tarnished Texan -- that's me! I do have a website (www.tarnishedtexan.com) but it's still in start-up mode. The thing I love about Facebook is that people can follow that page without having to "friend" me, and as soon as I finish a new project, it's on there before anywhere else. So that's the best way to find me and what I'm doing. To see what's going on with the jewelry, simply log onto tarnishedtexan.origamiowl.com and build yourself whatever necklace you want with the charms, tags, dangles and lockets. And should you need to email me, I'd love to hear from you: tarnishedtexan@gmail.com

I hope you have a great day, and thanks for coming by. A special thanks to Alexa for featuring me as her first on Talent Tuesday. I just love that girl! Ya know what I recommend? Buying one of my afghans, buying one of Alexa's books, and curling up in a comfy chair and getting lost, even for a little while...

Thanks again!
Brenda Sanders
Tarnished Texan