Monday, April 1, 2013

Stuff's A-Happenin'

Today is April 1st. I've got lots of things going on.

Today starts my new diet. Yep. I ate too much Easter candy, fell into sugar shock, and decided I needed to take action. Well, I also want to lose some weight between now and my June vacation. I'm not telling you where I'm starting out, but I will check in with you and let you know how much I'm losing.

In the next 9 weeks (between now and my vacation), I intend to write 2 more books for my epublisher. I'll be writing Don't Say a Word, which is a romantic suspense for the Honor Guard line, and Broken Road, which is a contemporary romance for the new Tease line. I expect to submit one of them before I get on vacation and the other will be ready as well.

I ordered 4 books from yesterday. I'm thinking of writing a new genre in the summer and I need to research it.

I also entered a writing contest earlier this year with the opening of that new genre manuscript. The finalists will be announced in a couple weeks. Wish me luck and send good vibes!

I'm searching for some blogs to visit when my new book comes out. Any takers?

I'm trying to come up with some new (cheap) promotional items for my new books (and the old ones). Any suggestions? Or online promotional activities? My book coming out June 5th and the one that just got contracted are both contemporary romances set in the Highlands of Scotland. I'd like to try to find something special that revolves around that. Thoughts? Come on! Put your thinking caps on and help a girl out!

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