Saturday, June 30, 2012


Good news! I'm extending my contest for a few more days! SOOOOOO.....
 If you read Her Highland Champion between now and JULY 4TH, AND post a review somewhere, then you will be in the running for a FREE Decadent Publishing book of your choice and some treat from me.

Now, those of you who have already posted a review on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Goodreads, you are already in the running!

Please note: If you post a review somewhere other than those 3 places, please email me(alexa AT alexabourne DOT com) and let me know where I can see the review. Then I'll put your name in the running as well!
Several people have rated the book at various places. Thank you so much! If you want to, toss in a line or two telling us what you thought- what you liked or didn't like- and you'll be in the running too.
I decided to extend the contest because I want to do something to celebrate the American Independence Day. The winner will receive a British treat and a FREE Decadent book for reviewing my British book. So, I'll choose a winner at midnight on the day America celebrates independence from Britain!


Friday, June 29, 2012

Happy Weekend?

Stoppin' in to say hi. I'm moving across town this weekend. I decided on Wednesday night and started moving yesterday. I'm hoping to be all moved out by the end of the weekend. Still readin' Laura Giffin's TWISTED and loving it. I'm hoping to finish it this weekend. Searchin' for a "real job" AGAIN (still???). I'll be doing some stuff on that. Workin' on the revisions to PROTECTOR for Harlequin editor. I'm REALLY hoping to get a huge chunk of time to get busy with that. Only TWO MORE DAYS for the contest! If you review HER HIGHLAND CHAMPION (or already have), you'll be in the running for a free book of your choice from Decadent Publishing and a treat from me! Some people have rated the book but haven't said anything about it. If that's you, go back and give it a line or two & you'll be in the running to! Right now there are only 13 people in the running.

Got any big plans for the weekend? Whatever you do, have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Where In The World Is Alexa?

Today I'm over at the Get Lost in a Story blog interviewing the legendary Rebecca York! Come join us and learn about her and her kazillion books!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Maybe Not Daring For You, But For Me...

In 2010, I was searching for an agent and I submitted a story to this woman I'd heard good things about. She gave me great comments, suggestions and then passed on representing that story. BUT she said she'd read something else if I wanted to send something and she also said keep her updated if anything changed with this particular story. I didn't have anything ready for her at the time & just decided to put my agent search on hold.

In 2011, I received a full request from an editor at Harlequin. I sent the full the very next day.

In April 2012, I contacted the editor for an update since it had been about a year (and I have, in the past, had communication problems due to cyberspace). She assured me she had it and would get to it soon.

In May 2012, I got the revise & resubmit letter from the Harlequin editor. Of course, I was ecstatic, but I was working on submissions for Decadent so I promised myself (and the editor) I'd get to the revisions late June & July.

Since getting back from the beach vacation, I've been feeling like I'd be overwhelmed with the revisions & incapable of doing them correctly. BUT, yesterday I started reading through the manuscript (since I haven't read it in over a year) and through the editor comments (since she'd given me such awesome comments in the letter). I started getting ideas about how to fix things & add scenes, and I got excited about brainstorming. Then, I thought, "How wonderful it would be to have someone else's eye on this" (besides my AWESOME CP who doesn't write romantic suspense) & lately I've also been thinking about going back on the agent search since I now HAVE a writing career started. I started thinking again about the constructive criticism I've received from agents before and the agent from 2010 popped into my head.

I threw caution to the wind last night and typed up an email to her. I explained how she'd rejected this story but said to keep her updated, told her about the Harlequin revise & resubmit letter, and gave her details of my writing adventures since I contacted her in 2010.

I was nervous because I didn't want to come off as obnoxious or one of those writers who can't accept a rejection. With our business having such small circles, I didn't want to burn any bridges.

This morning, I got an email back from the agent who assured me I wasn't out of line, said she's really busy, but she'd gladly look at the revised partial. Whoohooo!

I better get busy this week!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Honey, I'm Home!

Got back from my beach vacation yesterday. I was quite relaxed & had a great time. I read Fever by Joan Swan. GREAT story! Then I started Twisted by Laura Griffin. Another GREAT story, but I'm not even halfway through it yet.

So now it's back to business. I have no new information on my Decadent stories for you yet. I'm still searching for a "real job", working a bit this week at my 2 part-time jobs, and I'm starting the revisions from the Harlequin editor who is interested in reading the revised version of my romantic suspense story from last year.

I'm a little overwhelmed and worried about succeeding with these revisions, but I think that's normal. I KNOW I'm good enough to get the revisions done. Plus, the editor's comments have been dead on for me so far! I just want this SOOOOOOO badly and I know there's still no guarantee it will sell when I'm done the revisions. BUT I'll never know unless I try!

And of course, I'm also back on Weight Watchers. After a week of adult beverages and all the "bad for me, but oh-so-good" food, I desperately need some fruit, lots of water & exercise.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Out Of Office And Unplugged

From now until the weekend, I am on a much-needed VACATION! 7 other fabulous ladies and I have rented a beach house to sit back, catch up, and relax. I will not be checking emails, I will not be surfing the internet. The only electronic devices I've taken with me are my ancient cell phone (that doesn't get online) and my iPod. I've also brought some paperback books, some Combos & peanut M&Ms and some adult beverages. I'll see you next week!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Come Meet My Friend!

Today I'm over at Get Lost in a Story interviewing my friend, Irene Preston! Irene's first book came out June 4th from Crimson Romance. If you have a chance, come hang out with us and learn about a new author's experiences!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Sleeping At The Prince's House

Today I'm over at the Celtic Hearts Blog, where I'm discussing another hotel in my happy place, Glenfinnan, Scotland. This one is called the Prince's House Hotel. Check it out if you have the time.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

How'd You Come Up With That?

Today I'm at the Daily Dose of Decadence blog talking about where I get my ideas. Stop by & visit if you have a chance!

Friday, June 15, 2012

New Cover!!!!

Here's the cover of my next release, Fractured Paradise! I'm loving it for many reasons. The heroine is dead on! And the water is beautiful. The hero kinda fits my real life inspiration for the character, too. Thanks to artist Angela Anderson (who also created the cover for Championfor another winner!

And just for you, I'm also giving you the UNOFFICIAL blurb for the story:

Technical analyst Rachel Grant trades in her computer keyboard for tools to prepare her grandmother's cottage for the woman's return. Tour guide Aidan Camden wants the property despite his attraction to the lass. When tragedy strikes, can he conquer his own ghosts in time to save the woman who's fast claiming his heart?

I don't have a release date yet, but I'm figuring around September, October. Of course you know I'll share it with you as soon as I know.
So, what do you think?

Who Is Teresa Roberson?

Teresa is a woman in my local Austin RWA group and today I'm interviewing her on Get Lost in a Story. She's led a fascinating life, and the book sounds wonderful! Come join us!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Life After Insanity

I'm still waiting on the official cover for Fractured Paradise. I'm hoping in the next couple of days I'll be able to show you. I LOVE the work of the artist, and I was lucky enough to get the same woman who made the cover for Champion.

Since my writing marathon finished, I've been in limbo a bit. It feels weird not to be scrambling to get something done. I've been doing blog posts, planning my vacation shopping, cleaning around the house, and I started judging the contest entries I agreed to do. AND of course I'm reading. Gotta keep the creative juices flowing for the next story!

Monday, June 11, 2012

The First Verdicts & I'm FREE!!!!

After an afternoon of various music, peanut M & Ms, Combos & Coke, I stayed up all last night to finish the 3rd (and most difficult) draft of Carry Me Home, my short story. Yes, it was 6 AM when I finished, but that's totally ok because.....


So then I had McD's for breakfast, sent the book to my beta reader and slept for 3 hours. When I woke up, I had the results from my beta reader.

For Carry Me Home:

"aside from all the typos and your notes (which I told her to ignore) it was great - i even cried at the end - good conflict- and u can feel the love"

Whoohoo! Sounds good to me! One more read through (to fix those typos & notes) and this one will be ready for the publisher!
And since I didn't share her comments on the last novella I turned in, Simple Treasures, I've got those too:

"ahhhhhhhh  you've done it again - i couldn't stop reading till i was done - loved both characters and the story was excellent - however, i felt rushed - i know it's a short story but the beginning needed a lil more...." She went on to give me specifics about a couple of spots that needed fine-tuning, work I can definitely do if the publisher decides the story is worth working on. (Pretty please, with sugar on top!)

So for my month of insanity, I think I fared pretty well as far as the writing goes. YAY, I can come out of my writing cave and slowly ease back into the land of the living! Over the last month, I've written close to 42,000 words & that's not including all the words I wrote then scrapped. I worked every waking moment for 5 weekends, and whenever I could during the 4 weeks in between. I missed out on a lot, skipped favorite TV shows, turned off emails with my writing loops all so I could push myself to a limit I've never done before.

Was it worth it? Absolutely. Would I do it again? Yep, if the career calls for it. But it will DEFINITELY not be a regular occurance in the house! I'm off to celebrate with another cup of tea and an email to my senior editor with my progress!    

Friday, June 8, 2012

Cover News

I went out with the Digital Darlings, a group of local epubbed writers, to chat, swap stories and to have a drink. When I got home, I found the mock version of my cover for Fractured Paradise in my email inbox! It looks pretty good, and I can't wait until I can share it with you, which should only be a couple more days.

Until then, I'm going back to the short story I hope to submit by Tuesday, at the latest.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

New Contest!

Hello, blog world! Yes, I'm still hard at work finishing up my short story (which should be ready for submission early next week) and doing a few things to prepare for Fractured Paradise's release in a couple of months.


In the meantime, I'm having a contest! If you read Her Highland Champion between now and the end of June, AND post a review somewhere, then you will be in the running for a FREE Decadent Publishing book of your choice and some treat from me.

Now, those of you who have already posted a review on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Goodreads, you are already in the running!

Please note: If you post a review somewhere other than those 3 places, please email me(alexa AT alexabourne DOT com) and let me know where I can see the review. Then I'll put your name in the running as well!

Please spread the word and let me know if you have any questions!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Stick A Fork In It!!!!


I'm working on: NOT MUCH! I'll look over Short Story #1 & plot & plan where I'll take it in the 2nd half of the story.
I'm feeling: Relieved, exhausted, overwhelmed, invincible
I'm specifically working on: Celebrating with a few beers, at the moment!
I'd like: to sleep for 10 hours straight, but I can't.

Am I finished the 1st project? YES! Tonight (Or this morning, rather) I hit the SEND button on my 3rd novella submission to my publisher. I really hope they see the potential in this story. Is it good? Absolutely. Did I revise & make it awesome? You bet! Can it be improved? Yep. Most manuscripts can be. So, when I finally got Simple Treasures to the best it could be, and I felt pretty good about it, I filled out the submission form and sent it!

Now, Tuesday I'll work on a bit on Short Story #1, but mostly I'll be working to catch up on some sleep! But when Wednesday comes I'm jumping right back into my frenzied pace until this too is submitted!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Unofficial Blurb- Your Thoughts????

Simple Treasures

Colin Munro believes working for the International Protective Network will be the perfect occupation for him: He'll be in charge on assignments and if he fails he'll have no one to blame but himself. Unfortunately, his trial assignment is protecting a woman who has no intention of blindly following orders. But he refuses to allow her to ruin his chance of securing his dream job.

Traumatized by her stint as a soldier, Joanna Grainger wants nothing more than to enjoy life. That's supposed to begin with New Year's Eve events in Edinburgh, but when she witnesses a crime no one believes occurred, her plans come to a screeching halt. To make matters worse, her intense and driven bodyguard has no compassion for her or the victim.

As the danger hunts them through the city during one of the busiest time of the year, Joanna knows she must convince Colin she's a worthy partner. But first, can she convince herself?

Checkin' In

It's June!


I'm working on: Honor Guard novella #3 submission, Simple Treasures
I'm feeling: A bit relieved because the story is working, getting better with every hour of revising, and will be submitted hopefully Monday, June 4th. (Tuesday at the latest!)
I'm specifically working on: The blurb for Simple Treasures, which always helps me with the final drafts.
I'd like: it to be Tuesday already! Please keep sending good thoughts my way, especially as I push to finish.

I was supposed to have at least one writing project done today. Do I?
Nope, not yet, BUT I'm so close! I lost a few hours of work yesterday morning because I was sick as a dog when I woke up. I went back to bed and slept until 11am. I've still got sections to write and A LOT of goal, motivation & conflict stuff to add in, but writing the blurb at this point always helps me keep focused on the crux of the story. Today, I'm getting up, doing some errands and then I'm going to see Snow White & the Huntsman at 10:30! Then the rest of the day will be spent on getting ready for the final major draft of Treasures.

As for short story #1, well, that's another story altogether and I'll share that with you next week!