Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Way Back Wednesday

Welcome to Way Back Wednesday!
Between 1993 and 1995, I lived and worked on the South rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona. There, I did the partying I was supposed to do in college. During that partying, I met a woman who didn't like me (and I didn't like her much), but we ended up becoming really good friends.
One day this friend came rushing to my dorm room. She knew I was working on my very first novel. In her hands she had The Chieftain by Arnette Lamb. I wasn't a big fan of romance novels at this point, and I didn't realize what I was writing would turn out to be a romance. I remember my friend telling me I had to read this book. She knew I'd started reading more about Scotland and liked it, and she was sure I'd love this book. And I did.
Once I finished that book, I was hooked on Lamb's writing. I gathered whatever books of hers I could find. I ended up reading 9 of her 13 novels and I was scrambling for more when I heard she had passed away.
Ms. Lamb and The Chieftain (& my Grand Canyon friend), have a warm corner of my heart. That encouragement from my friend and those books pushed me on my route to writing romance and falling in love with Scotland. Granted, both things didn't happen until much later, but those two women helped me find my way.
Thank you, Arnette Lamb and Jennie. 

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