Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Talent Tuesday!

Welcome to another edition of Talent Tuesday! Today, please help me welcome Eleanor Sawyer! Read on to find out about her talent! Here is Eleanor in her own words.....

While I am completely inspired by writing these days, I've also found that my stories have influenced another fun and time-consuming craft: creating shadowboxes. Each box is a snapshot, capturing an idea or relationship between texture and subject matter. To me, the containers become an inventory of segments: found or collected objects, old photographs, prints, and cards. Some shadowboxes are inspired solely by a keepsake having been stored safely since childhood. Or, an idea originates from the loose pages of an out-of-print book. Here are some examples:

1) Just Out Of Reach

2) Peace Chain

3) Divinity

4) Lock & Keys

Thank you for the opportunity to share with you all!

~ Eleanor Sawyer
For more samples, visit http://www.eleanorsawyer.com/gallery/.


  1. Peace Chain is Awesome!!! Thanks for sharing these great pieces.

  2. Thanks so much, Nick! Thanks for stopping by.