Friday, April 26, 2013

Non-Fiction Friday!

Welcome back to another peek at my Non-Fiction Friday! Today I just thought I'd give you a breakdown of my "real world" as it is at the moment. I don't have a family, but I still manage to keep pretty busy. Is it any wonder why I'm so tired??? Judge for yourself:

40 hours a week as an English Reading/Writing tutor at a school
5-10 hours a week as a tutor for a different company
Teaching 2 online classes at the moment
2 hours a week tutoring a high school student (& Monday I start a 2nd student at the same time)
Trying to hit the gym 3-5 hours a week
Promoting my books
Writing at least 4 blog posts a week
Visiting with family
Visiting other sites/promoting other authors
Reading and studying one other book a week
Writing the next Honor Guard book


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