Sunday, April 14, 2013

Section Sunday!

Welcome back to Section Sunday!
Today's story is a bit of my next Honor Guard submission, Don't Say a Word. I'm hoping to have it ready to submit by June.
The story is about an American woman, Brynne, who is in Mexico to learn Spanish and the culture. She "overhears" something she shouldn't, but she doesn't know what it is because....she doesn't speak Spanish. Her bodyguard, Jas, is a member of the International Protective Network (IPN), but he's got other plans for his visit to Mexico. It's REALLY rough, but maybe you can see why I'm having so much fun with this couple. To set the scene, someone just took a shot at them.
Are you all right?” Jas pushed himself up. She continued to shake. Without invitation, he swiped his hand over her backside to brush away the pieces of glass from her ass. She didn't move. Okay, now he was officially worried. The Brynne he'd been with would have smacked him for that innocent touch.
Hey.” Had she been hit? A lead weight thudded in his gut.
Faint whispers accompanied tiny shivers coasting through her body. No blood around her or on her clothes. Maybe she was just in shock.
He crouched close to her and bit back the command forming in his mouth. She wasn't used to this lifestyle. He couldn't take it out on her.
Brynne.” He reached for her hair and tucked it behind her ear.  The soft strands reminded him she was fragile, gentle, vulnerable. “Are you hurt?” Easing his hand on her back, a tiny bit of him was relieved to feel her steady breaths through his fingers.
Her voice broke with that one word and Jas had an unbelievable urge to tear the shooter limb from limb.

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