Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sneak Peek Sunday!

Hello! Welcome to Sneak Peek Sunday, where authors bring you six paragraphs of their work. To find out more about the participants, visit here. As for me and the work I'm bringing you, this is a snippet from my 2nd Honor Guard book, Fractured Paradise. I love this story, set in northern England with an American heroine trying to fulfill her grandmother's wishes and "fighting" with a run-down home...and a local lad......
Rachel had come to the United Kingdom years ago to accept the job of a lifetime. She’d come to this city, if you could call it that, today at Nan’s request. Tonight, she came to the Thrush and Hound Pub because she seriously needed a drink.
Hopefully, the pint of lager sitting in front of her would help ease the panic that had settled into her bones after an afternoon in the cottage. She was beginning to think she’d bitten off more than she could chew here. How the hell had she let Nana talk her into this?
She should be in her element, searching through digitized documents for the bodyguards of the IPN, instead of carrying out this ill-fated secret mission for her grandmother.
She sipped her lager, took a deep breath, and scanned the pub. The building was twice the size of that dilapidated cottage, and with a much cozier atmosphere. It sported wooden tables and pictures of when Sunderland shipyards were in full swing. An area with darts and a big screen TV lay on one side separated by an ornately carved wooden railing. A sense of warmth welcomed her from the moment she’d stepped inside.
Then again, maybe that was just what she’d hoped to find after the strange encounter with Aidan Camden. She set her pint back on the bar and traced lines along the glass with her finger. Clearly, he didn’t want her around now that he knew she didn’t intend to sell the cottage, and yet she couldn’t stop her hormones from reacting to him.
The bell on the front door of the pub chimed. The bartender looked up from loading glasses in a dishwasher and waved. "Hello, Aidan. What can I get you?"

Well? Did you like it? Are you intrigued? Check out more of the story for free here!



  1. Great peek and I loved the free sample. These are two very determined and likeable characters. Great cover, too. :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Delynn! Yeah, Fractured Paradise has a special place in my heart!