Friday, April 12, 2013

Non-Fiction Friday!

Welcome back for another installment of Non-Fiction Friday!

This week I received the honor of being named the teacher for a 10th grade English Enrichment class from now until the end of the school year. I get to prep lesson plans, assign and read essays, give grades. In short, I get to do everything a "real teacher" does, except I'm not officially a teacher. I'm still the Writing Tutor who just now has more responsibility.

At first I was a bit nervous because I haven't taught 10th grade since student teaching back in 2000, but 3 days in and it's okay at the moment. There are some tough kids in there, but my attitude is pretty laid back so they seem to appreciate that. Of course I told the assistant principal I'd do it. I told her I'd go wherever they needed me.

Part of the reason for that is to show them how flexible I am and how much of an asset I am so they plot and plan to keep me next year. I'm not in danger of losing my job, but I had mentioned I wouldn't mind going back into a classroom if it came up. I also offered to teach the creative writing class they're planning. Hey, it couldn't hurt to mention what I'm qualified in!

I received a compliment from that same assistant principal yesterday, about how I see something that needs to be done and I just do it. She appreciates that and said more of the staff needs to be like that. So, now I'm pretty sure they like me. I just hope they work out a great plan for me for next year!

And my mind is spinning.....

Why? In addition to this full time job, I'm teaching an online class, doing some promo, doing A LOT of promo next week for the new Decadent Publishing Tease line, starting to teach another online class next week, and....I'm supposed to be writing.

So I'm going to get off the computer and write.

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