Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Talent Tuesday!

Welcome back for another Talent Tuesday!

Today I'm bringing you Kelley Heckart. Kelley makes decorative wall crosses from driftwood, shells, stones, crystals and from pretty much anything she find either in nature or at swap meets.
And now, in Kelley's own words......

How I started making crosses

About 10 years ago my mother was seriously ill. I wanted to make her something to put on her nightstand. Over the years I had collected driftwood, shells and stones so I decided to make a small cross for my mom. She recovered and she still has that cross. I decided to keep making the crosses.

I have always loved the cross and how it has symbolized faith from very early times. Over the years I have added new designs like burning different symbols into the wood. I have three different styles that I work with—Native American, Rune and Neolithic/Goddess. Each piece of wood is different and calls to me. I try to highlight the natural shapes and designs in the wood and each cross is unique. They come with an attached leather strip so the crosses can easily hang on the wall.

I sell my crosses in my Etsy store called Kels Cool Crosses.

Wow, how awesome, Kelley! Thanks for sharing these with us. Folks, if you want to find out more about Kelley or her crosses, visit her.....

Store Website Page
Kelley The Author

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