Friday, April 19, 2013

Non-Fiction Friday!

Welcome to Non-Fiction Friday!
The school year is winding down and we're all feeling it. Even those of us who just started working at this school in January are ready for summer break. The administrators are plotting and planning for next year and yesterday I met with the principal to
After we made sure all my "paperwork" was up to date, he asked what my intentions were. I told him I would like to stay for next year because I like the school and the people I work with. I said if a classroom job was available, I'd like that, but if they just wanted to keep me as a writing tutor and all around helper I'd be okay with that. Basically, I just want to stay there.
He told me they were happy with me and my work for them. They see me working with the kids and like the job I'm doing. He double-checked my teaching certifications and asked if I'd be okay with being a middle school English teacher since we'll be adding kids and English hours. I reminded him that I taught middle school English before. He explained that the admin is working and meeting and working to make their plans and I would know by the end of the school year (which is the end of May for us).
I was thrilled with the possibilities. There are aspects of teaching I do miss. I feel I would have a good support there with some friends. I've grown a lot in the 2 1/2 years since I last had my own classroom. But another aspect I'd love is the fact I'd be making enough money to support me going to writing/reading conferences, to invest in different promotional opportunities for my books and to plan vacations again.
No, it's not definite that I'll end up with a salaried position for the 2013-2014 school year, but it's so nice to have a chance to dream again.

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