Friday, July 22, 2011

Round And Round I Go!

Yes, I'm still here.  Yes, I'm still hitting the gym 2-3 classes a day.  Yes, I've lost more weight- I'm officially down 12lbs in 5 weeks.  No, I haven't been writing as much.  My real life exploded and I've written 1/2 a page in the last 2 days.  This has made me very sad. 

I'll be cutting down my time on the internet over the next couple of months because I am either putting my cable/internet/phone service on a vacation hold or turning it off all together.  I hate to do it because I'm teaching a class now and I'll be teaching another one next month, but I don't need the bill.  Sadly, I'm also putting my gym membership on a vacation freeze for up to 3 months, which basically means I'm still a member but I can't use the gym.  Again, I can use that money for something better.  AND I've got a couple interested in renting out my house for the month of August while they search for a new home.  I have a friend I can stay with in the meantime.  AND I've been working, planning job ideas too, but I'll share those when I have more details.

My Twitter experience has been...interesting.  I can see the advantages to it and I can see the time-suck as well. 

Mills & Boon is planning to have their New Voices competition again this September and I'm thinking to enter one of the bounty hunter brothers simply because I LOVE the opening to that story.

That's all for now.  Until next time...

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