Friday, July 1, 2011

I'm Channeling Rocky Balboa!

 Cue the training music!  With July comes a BUTTLOAD of events for me!

1.  I'm teaching Contests:  The Basics starting July 5th.  (Shhhh.  Don't tell!  I'm still working on the lessons!)
2.  I'm finishing up a freelancing job this weekend.  
3.  I'm entering a fitness challenge at my local gym- take as many classes as you can for the month.  My goal is 40-50 classes!
4.  I'm going to write a BRAND NEW MANUSCRIPT NaNoWriMo-style!  It's called Unbroken.  I know the hero and heroine's names, a bit about their pasts and a teeny bit about their external conflict.  That's it!
5.  Of course I'm STILL searching for a "real job."
6.  And I'm going to try NOT to think about my other manuscript arriving today at the office of a lovely NYC editor.

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