Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sneak Peek Sunday!

Welcome back to another edition of Sneak Peek Sunday! To find more awesome sneak peeks, visit the Sneak Peek Sunday site here.

And now, here's the sneak peek of my book......
Today's peek is from my 2nd Honor Guard story, Fractured Paradise. In this scene, my heroine, Rachel, is in a boat rowing toward the shore from her grandmother's island cottage. She's been cleaning it up for several days and this night was supposed to be her first night staying in there. Only, too many strange and scary noises make her run for the boat and start rowing toward the mainland. Halfway to the shore, her boat starts taking in water...way too fast.
I hope you enjoy!
A bubble of panic formed in the center of her chest. Whipping her head around toward shore, she spotted both her cottage and the beacon of light coming from the parking lot of Dawson Tours. Which was closer?

On the island, she would be alone until someone decided to check on her, which could take days. Quick decision—go for the shore.

Rachel rowed faster away from the cottage and mouthed the words to the only prayer she remembered from her youth. Water gushed into the bottom of the boat now, swishing around whenever she moved her feet. The shore remained too far out of reach.

She cupped her hands and bailed frantically, but she would never be fast enough to keep from sinking. Her heart thumped against her chest, in her ears, and picked up speed. "Help!" she cried. "Somebody help me!"

But no one would hear her. Her throat tightened. Just how deep was this section of the sea?

One of her oars scraped along the edge of the boat and disappeared. "No, no, no!" She stretched out to grab it, but the boat rocked beneath her, flipped up on its side, and dumped her.

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