Friday, May 10, 2013

Non-Fiction Friday!

Welcome to Non-Fiction Friday! Have I got news for you!

Remember earlier this week when I talked about my 10th graders discovering my pen name and my books, my email to the bosses AND my bosses' reaction? Well, even MORE good things happened. What, you ask?

That same day, Monday, 1 of the bosses came to the teachers' lounge and asked to speak to me privately. (I've been a full-time writing tutor, an hourly employee since January.) I jokingly asked if I was in trouble and she said yes, but in a joking way. Well, we went out to the hallway and she asked......

Wait for it........


Did I want a SALARIED teaching position for next school year? I'd be teaching middle school English. Of course I said yes, and immediately I started thinking about all the things I could do with a salary. Then she said it would be teaching 6th grade and I'm sure my face lit up. 6th grade is my favorite age group to teach! (They're still young enough you can scare them, but they're not quite as obnoxious as 7th graders. LOLOL!)

So, I can FINALLY be a full-fledged teacher again, I'll have money to invest in my writing career, I'll have money for vacations, and I'll be back on track to getting back to my own condo. I've come full-circle since I quit my teaching job 3 years ago. I've learned A LOT about the world and myself and I'm ready to be ALL I can be!


  1. Way to go, Alexa!

  2. Great story, Alexa. I'm glad things worked out. And good for you for going back to teaching. We need more teachers like you!

  3. Congratulations. It sounds like things are looking up.

  4. I am so pleased that despite your fears, your unmasking last week did not lead to a negative outcome for your employment. Quite the reverse. Hooray! Congratulations.

  5. How wonderful!! Congratulations. I just love happy stories like this!! (and I taught 7th grave math for a year, and I knooooow what you're talking about. LOL)