Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Way Back Wednesday!

Welcome to Way Back Wednesday!

In 1984, I turned 13 years old. One of my favorite songs at this time was The Warrior by the band Scandal. Everytime I hear it as an adult, the same event comes to mind. I was at a roller skating rink and I think it was for someone's birthday. Or at least a bunch of us were there for the afternoon. I was never a very confident skater, but I wanted to be and I tried. This song came on at one point, I loved it and started singing it, and I was determined to skate around the rink.

As I said, I wasn't very good. In fact, I was horrible. (I almost broke my mom's arm once when she was trying to help me become a better skater, but that's a story for another day.) While the song played on, my feet flew out from under me, I fell backwards and banged my head on the wooden floor.

I never went skating again.
The Warrior by Scandal

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