Saturday, May 18, 2013

A New Review On An Old Book!

Squeeeee! I just read this review on my second Honor Guard story, Fractured Paradise. It still tickles me to hear what people love about my books and I'm thinking that will never change. I'm so thankful to anyone who leaves an honest review anywhere other readers can see it!

Rachel is a headstrong woman determined to renovate her grandmother's house. Aidan is the man determined to buy it from her.

What I loved about this book is both Rachel and Aidan each had reasons beyond their own personal needs to buy and keep the house, and there were so many emotions that accompanied the reasoning: guilt, love & grief. The romance was steamy, and got hot. Then the author threw in a bit of danger and drama, and overall it was a very nice quick read that had emotional depth I could relate to with both Aidan and Rachel. A wonderful "beach read."

Thank you Carly Fall!

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