Friday, May 24, 2013

Non-Fiction Friday!

Welcome back for another installment of Non-Fiction Friday! This is where I talk about my "real world" adventures.
So, a while back I told you I signed my new contract at the day job for the 2013-2014 school year. What I didn't mention was during the conversation about my salary and my teaching duties, the principal also signed me up for some "extra" duties.
At first, he tried to get me to agree to be involved in the Quiz Bowl. Um, no. Not gonna happen. I vaguely remember Quiz Bowl from my high school days and I have no desire to be involved. So I played dumb and asked what it was and what I'd have to do. I don't think he really knew because we went back to the drawing board. He started listing off all the duties and I was worried I wouldn't find anything I liked or would be remotely qualified for.
In the end, I agreed to be the Spelling Bee coach. I was a great speller when I was in grade school and I remember the spelling bees I was involved in. THEN, I later found out my buddy, the music teacher who started at the school the same time as I did, signed up to also be involved in the Spelling Bees. She and I will have a GREAT time!
I also agreed to be involved in the Gifted & Talented Program. I chose that because usually the GT kids are cool kids and well-behaved. Plus I love challenging kids to be life-long learners. There is someone else involved so at least I won't be completely on my own for that.
In the end, I think I made good choices! Now, though, I'm thinking that I probably should have asked if there was a newspaper or a creative writing group. Those would be more up my alley. Oh well. There's always the following year! 

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