Thursday, September 20, 2012

Highlander Giveaway Hop!

Failte! Thanks to MK McKlintock for inviting me to join this Highlander Blog Hop. I'm a SUCKER for a hot Highlander and I love to discuss them as much as I can. So let's get to it!
What is it about Highlanders that readers love? I don't now about you, but I love the accent and the sexy body wearing a kilt. Also, the idea of a hot, seductive, strong man taking care of his loved ones...ah, {{sigh}}. For some women, it's watching the journey of a wounded warrior as he discovers true love and a true partner. The Highlanders I've fallen in love with possess honor, pride, love and compassion. Granted, they may not always show all of those qualities, but by the end of the stories they have shown what true honorable men they are.
My own favorite Highlanders started with Connor MacLeod of the Highlander movies. He was banished from his clan for being immortal. He found love with a woman and had a peaceful life...until she died of natural causes and he was left to move on alone. Throughout all his centuries, he always tried to do the right thing.
Jamie Fraser of Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series is another Highlander I love. {{{SIGH}}} How can you NOT love Jamie? He possesses the qualities I mentioned, fights to keep those he loves safe and tries to do the right thing. Unfortunately he runs into many obstacles, but he meets every challenge head-on.
But what about contemporary Highlanders? Aren't they just as attractive? Can't they have rock-hard abs and a luscious accent? Don't they deserve our attention as well? I say YES!
In my visits to Scotland, I found many hot, compassionate Scotsmen, both in the Highlands and in Edinburgh. When I came back to the States, I started a mission to find more contemporary Highlanders in books, to support those authors who believed intoxicating men of this day and age deserved to be shared just as much as the men of the past.
Katie McAlister gave us a desirable contemporary Highlander, Iain MacLaren, in her book Men in Kilts. For me, he was two kinds of delicious. As much as I love historicals, Iain made me crave more contemporary Highlanders. When I couldn't find enough, I decided to write my own.
In my 1st book, Her Highland Champion, my hero Malcolm possesses all the same qualities of the historical heroes except he doesn't wear a kilt. (A pity, I know!) Malcolm is reluctant to take care of the heroine, but when he sees that no one else is stepping up and she clearly needs help, he comes to her defense. In my 3rd book, Simple Treasures (due out around the holidays), the hero Colin is much the same. Colin is required to come to his heroine's aid, but he is reluctant to open up and give in to the connection growing between them. Neither of my Highland heroes wants to give in to the women who are fast-claiming their hearts, but they are adamant about keeping them safe. And in keeping them safe, they surrender to the love building between them. In writing my own stories, I hope to honor the men of the Highlands, both past and present, to bring another version of our startling Highland heroes to readers everywhere.
So, what is it about Highlanders that YOU love? Leave a comment and your email address to be in the running for a free copy of Her Highland Champion! The winner will be drawn once the hop is over on the 27th!


  1. Why do I love a Highlander?
    They're honorable, loving of their family, gorgeous and have that wonderful accent. But most importantly, they are so passionate about their lands and country. There is just something special and magical about Scotland.

  2. Thank you for being a part of the hop Alexa! Good question too! :)

  3. I loved Scotland when I visited and would love to return! I have a lot of Highland roots and love to read about Highland hunks! I love their brogue!

  4. I love Highlanders because they come from a mysterious land with a long history, and I'd love to visit Scotland someday! Thanks for a great giveaway. Email: smhparent at hotmail dot com

  5. Maryhmandcats, you hit on some other ideas I couldn't put into words. Thanks!

    MK, thank YOU for inviting me! I'm already having fun!

    Terry, the brogue gets me every single time.

    Susan, if you get the chance DEFINITELY get up to the Highlands even if it's only for a couple of days. It's magical!

  6. Hi, Lexi! I love highlanders for the exact same reason-hot, sexy, strong and they want to protect their women. Ohhh yeah!!

    rmjamuse at msn dot com

  7. Why do I love Highlanders? They are handsome, built, they wear kilts and the top reason...they have a gorgeous accent! Mix all that in with their in-bred need to protect and you get YUM!

  8. I just love the history and folklore of the highlands!

  9. I love highlanders for the unique language and history.

    Babs book bistro@ gmail dot com

  10. They're sexy, handsome, strong, loyal. I love their accents. Thanks for being part of the hop.
    Sue B

  11. You've already stated most of my reasons and yes, Jamie Fraser- my favorite Highland hero. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  12. Men manly in kilts..enough said ;)

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  14. I love the brough and the red hair! My hubby is Scottish, but sadly NO accent...but he does have the red hair as does my daughter!!

    books4me67 at ymail dot com

  15. I love highlander romances because they take me away to another time....sigh :)

  16. Thanks, everyone, for commenting! I really think we can sum up how we feel about Highlanders with one word... {{{SIGH}}

  17. Makes me feel likeI'm where i belong (yes I'm very much a redhead) and yes to sweet kilts and the dudes that wear them : )

  18. Very interesting giveaway and hop. Thank you.

  19. Their brawny brogue and kilts! wendyhines at hotmail dot com

  20. I love how they tend to be alpha males. And who doesn't love a kilt??

    lindsayavalon (at) gmail (dot) com

  21. Thanks for the great Highlander hop.
    Would love to snag some sweet swag books.
    WTG on the writing skills.
    Have visited and enjoyed Scotland.
    Even wear a kilt on Robbie Burns day.

  22. Awesome warrior Alpha males with sexy accents, smokin' hot bodies and wearing kilts commando?? Really, what is there NOT to like??!!

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!
    elizabeth @ bookattict . com
    GFC: BookAttic

  23. I like reading stories with Highlanders in them because the heroes seem to be larger than life with square jaws, determined looks in their eyes, and love of country in their hearts. wow and if they all sound like Sean Connery well, all the better

  24. The strong possessiveness.
    magic5905 at embarqmail dot com

  25. Oooooh, Joy, yep, that gets me too! Thanks for stopping by!

  26. It's really hard for me to say. Of course, I love the "knight" in kilt kinda guy. ;)

    However, I think it's even more about respect they had for women in the clans.

    Wish You All the Best,

  27. I love the time period and can just imagine all the men in kilts!

  28. Honorable, strong and they look grand in a kilt. lol I like discussing those gorgeous devils, too:)

    kmnbooks @ yahoo . com (no spaces)

  29. ohh! let see horor, strength, the great accent and so much more.


  30. Their strenth and they are loving and honorable


  31. Adila, yep, the "knight" in a kilt....{{{sigh}}}.

    Teresa, the more I learn about that time period, the more I WANT to learn!

    Karen, I could talk ALL DAY about Scotsmen!

    Heather, I swear the accent alone melts me. When I read any Scottish stories (historical or contemp), I always "hear" the accent in my head.

    Kara, you said it!

    Thanks to everyone for commenting!

  32. I'm going to be honest--I have never read Highlander fiction (unless George MacDonald counts). I want to because I love historical fiction of any kind.

  33. Ruth, you would LOVE Highland historicals, then. I'm sure of it! Although my examples are mostly contemporary Scottish stories, plenty of the other examples on this hop are historical. If you haven't "hopped" over to all of them, try it. You'll get an idea for some great reads. I've already added a few to my To Be Read pile!

  34. Congratulations to Lindsay Avalon! You are the winner of my romantic supsense novella, Her Highland Champion! I will email you shortly.

    Everyone, thanks for visiting and I hope you've found some new books to look up!