Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Author, Can You Help?

Hello, everyone! If you read my Public Service Announcement last week and you agree, here's a chance to make a difference:
I joined forces with one of my friends to put together a raffle basket for our monthly Austin RWA meeting (10/9). Twice a year we raffle baskets and the money goes into our discretionary (sp?) fund, which goes to help people who can't afford dues or money for special events. We've also used the money to celebrate (with a rose) when people become PAN members and other personal triumphs or tragedies within our writing family. 

Our basket is themed with parties because my friend's book has a masquerade, my 3rd book happens around New Year's, and the basket will be out in time for Halloween. So if anyone has a party or holiday in their book and would like to donate the book (or any other items), I'd be happy to add your materials to our basket. (We have 3 total baskets and they each go to one individual.) Also, if any of you would be willing to critique a query or a chapter or even 5-10 pages, we'll take that kind of donation too! I'll be typing up a list of who has donated what for the basket so you'l definitely get publicity.
And if you're an aspiring writer and would like to participate, let me know. You could offer a gift card or craft books or other holiday items.

If anyone is interested and needs more information, please email me at alexa @ alexabourne . com.

Thanks for considering it!

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