Monday, December 26, 2011

A Win-Win Proposition Review

A Win-Win Proposition is a fun story written by Cat Schield. Now, yes, I'm a bit biased since Cat and I have been friends for years, but this story is good in its own right!

Missy Ward has spent 4 years as Sebastian Case's assistant, 4 years falling in love with him, a man who needs to be in control of his world. Sebastian doesn't see Missy as anything other than an assistant...until they go on a business trip to Las Vegas.

After being dumped by her obnoxious boyfriend just before her 30th birthday, Missy decides to make some changes. She gets a makeover, quits her job and places a bet with her boss: if he wins, she'll stay on as his assistant. If she wins, she gets one night with him. Missy wins the bet and enjoys every single moment of her night with Sebastian. But she's not foolish enough to believe he'll suddenly welcome her into his personal life with open arms. She feels she doesn't belong in his world and that he could never commit to a girl like her. But Sebastian is hard to resist.

Sebastian's feelings for Missy make him crazy and take him totally out of his own comfort zone. But he wants her in his life and in his bed and Sebastian Case will do whatever it takes to convince Missy they belong together.

I found myself laughing and swearing at Sebastian and turning pages faster as the chapters went by. Cat has created complex and lovable characters. I could feel Missy's pain and insecurities. Sebastian is the perfect romance hero. He's annoying and stubborn, but he's got enough charm to make me want to root for him. I couldn't wait to see him recognize his love for Missy, to see her recognize her own worth and to watch their romance blossom. I'm so looking forward to the next book in this series!

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