Monday, December 12, 2011

A Review of Laura Griffin's Snapped

Snapped is another winning Tracers novel from Laura Griffin. It is a great story with an interesting plot and a nail-biting ending. Don’t miss this book!

Sassy Sophie Barrett, receptionist at the prestigious Delphi Center, wants more out of life so she's attending college part-time. While on campus to register for classes, Sophie witnesses a gunman shooting at random people, including a pregnant woman close to Sophie. The gunman eventually takes his own life, and the press and the police rule the case closed, but Sophie is convinced there is an accomplice and she's determined to get people to pay attention. Unfortunately, she also gains the attention of the accomplice who intends to silence Sophie once and for all.

Detective Jonah Macon isn't about to let Sophie deal with this on her own. At first, he tries to get her to drop her amateur investigation until her theory begins to make sense. Fueled by his attraction to her, Jonah risks his career to keep her safe and to keep investigating. He wrestles with his feelings for Sophie as more clues unfold, but Sophie is beautiful and determined and amazing and Jonah can only resist the chemistry between them for so long. But will he be able to focus as a professional as the killer hunts Sophie down?

Once again, Ms. Griffin weaves romance and danger perfectly. She's created a couple to root for- a kick-ass heroine, and a tenacious, hot hero. I found myself on the edge of my seat more than once as the danger increased and the twists in the story unfolded. Ms. Griffin also brought in some other previous characters from the Tracers series as well, which felt like catching up with old friends. Jonah and Sophie have quickly become my second favorite couple of Ms. Griffin's. I'm already looking forward to the next book! 

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