Sunday, December 4, 2011


The contract's been signed and sent back to the publisher. Now the work begins. I started getting a little overwhelmed when I realized all the things I'll actually have to do before (and after) this book hits the cyber shelves. But, as always, I'm taking things one at a time.

Today I decided to do the pre-edits required of me before my editor starts working with me on the content. I can best describe the pre-edits as formatting and simple grammar edits. I had to check the font, the spacing etc, and then I also had to do basic grammar check for typos, consistency, POV, "Show, Don't Tell," and the like.

When I got up this morning, I figured I'd finish my pre-edits today since the grammar edits are basically the things I have to find & correct with my CPs. This afternoon I had trouble with the technical aspect of my pre-edits because I have a desktop with Microsoft Word 2003 and a laptop with 2007. Since I'm such a technophobe, I panicked, asked for help of some techie people and then fumbled my way through.

But the pre-edits took a lot longer than I expected. I just finished. I didn't get done half the things I'd planned for today (or yesterday now).

Tomorrow I'll tackle my "To Be Done" list and then work on the other 3 forms I need to fill out for my publisher. (And yes, a smile still comes over my mouth with those last 2 words!)

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