Thursday, December 22, 2011

Change In Plans

So, I heard back from my editor again yesterday. I was surprised because I honestly didn't think I'd hear from her until at least the weekend. She had great things to say, which obviously made me feel good. (It's always nice when other people in the industry like your work!) and she pinpointed the exact content problem I was having when I finished the draft. I haven't looked at the manuscript and her specific page by page comments yet, but I am now expected to get the revisions back to her in one week.

Getting them done won't be a problem. I'm not really worried about them and I'm pretty confident I'll be able to get them done sooner than next Wednesday. But I hadn't expected to have to work over the holiday weekend. As I mentioned earlier this week, I'd planned to finish the rough draft of my next novella. (That's coming along...slowly.)

So, I'm out finishing up my Christmas shopping today. Then tomorrow I plan to spend the entire day working on revisions. I expect I'll do some work over the Christmas weekend, but I'm not going to push it. Then Monday I'll spend the entire day working and hopefully finishing my revisions.

Over the years I've heard countless writer friends talk about the sacrifices they've had to make to make deadlines. This is my first experience with an official deadline and I'm actually excited about it! (Okay, granted it's not much of a sacrifice on my part, but I do still have to rearrange some activities.)

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