Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Revisions-Round 1

I had planned to do my revisions on Friday and yesterday. Then I got sick. The lesson I learned through this is get busy as soon as possible in case something unexpected pops up and puts a dent into my revision schedule.

Now, the revisions haven't been overwhelmingly difficult so getting sick didn't put me behind by much. I'll still have the story back to my editor on time. But what I wanted to mention was that they still have taken me longer than I expected. I honestly think part of that is due to this being my first time revising with an editor, and part of it is due to my learning how to work with track changes. I worked for about 4 1/2 hours yesterday. I still want to review everything one more time and I have another content concept I need to work into the book, but I'm hoping I can get it finished today. I'll let you know!

1:10 PM: I'm done! (After another 2 hours) But I'm going to leave it alone while I do to one of the day jobs, reread bits after dinner, write comments to my editor and then email it back tonight.
8:35 PM: Just emailed my editor with the revisions and comments (after another hour). Now to play for a bit!
9:15 AM (Wed): I got my edits back. Apparently I misunderstood part of the editor's directions. I have an extra round to do. No worries. Won't be so bad. I'll send the book back tonight. It's more an issue with me and Track Changes rather than me and my book.

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