Sunday, December 2, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday-Silent Surrender!!!

Welcome back for another Six Sentence Sunday snippet from my current Work-In-Progress, Silent Surrender. If you're interested in reading other authors' snippets, visit for links!

This short story is coming along so well, I'm hoping to submit it to my publisher in about another week. Wish me luck!

Now, if you've been here over the last few weeks, you've met Meggie and Quinn. They had a one-night-stand a while back in Dublin while Meggie was on vacation. Now back home in Scotland, she's mortified to find her favorite Irishman has come for her. She's trying to get rid of him, and has decided to go home and relax. But when she gets home, she finds her brothers (Jamie is one), their friend Duncan, guessed it: Quinn.

“You don’t belong here,” she whispered harshly.
“Do you two know each other?” Jamie asked.

“No,” she snapped at the exact moment Quinn answered, “Yes.”
Her brothers traded glances while Duncan picked at the label on his beer. Except for the commentators discussing the football match, no other sound circled the room.

Why couldn’t the floor open up and swallow her whole?
I'm so excited for this story, and I LOVE this part! What do you think?


  1. Oh, the poor thing. Fabulous pacing, I can see this 6 playing out like a movie. Well done.

  2. Oh, I can definitely feel the tension in that room. Great six! :)