Saturday, December 29, 2012

Release Party- Day 5!

Good morning! Today is Fun Facts Day! As I sit back and enjoy more of the Christmas holiday, I'll be sharing facts about the characters of Simple Treasures, the story and me.
Joanna Grainger
*The last name comes from Hermione from Harry Potter and Colby from the TV show Numb3rs.

* Joanna served in the US Army. She took advantage of the GI Bill and has been studying since.

*After being injured while in th Army, Joanna has learned to appreciate everything she has, sees and experiences. This, of course, drives Colin crazy (which made the story even more fun to write!).
*She became friends with Heather Winchester, the heroine from Her Highland Champion, when she first arrived in Edinburgh.
 Colin Munro
* Colin grew up in the small community of Thurso, Scotland.
* He had a lot of pressure from his family to be a success and showing any sign of weakness was unacceptable to his father.
* After he was discharged from the Royal Navy, he accepted various jobs that made him responsble for the safety of other people- from a security guard at a shopping complex, to a police officer job in Thurso.
* Colin very much has a one-track mind. He often sees more than he lets on, but he always has one main objective.

Alexa Bourne
* I attended Hogmanay in Edinburgh in 2011/2012 to celebrate the beginning of the year I turned 40.
* My favorite trip of all is the train ride between Glasgow and Glenfinnan. No matter the weather- heavy rains or beautiful sunshine- I can find something to love about the scenery.
* I hadn't planned to write 3 UK novellas at first. They just.....happened. And my 2013 novellas? I had planned 3 other countries for settings, but a couple of British characters are sitting right inside my brain and forcing me to rethink my 2013 plans.

* I still eat Peanut M & Ms while I write. I get them to celebrate when the writing is going well, and I get them to fuel my muse when I'm having trouble.  

So, any questions for Joanna, Colin or me? Or any thoughts about what we've shared? Feel free to leave comments and you can be in the running for PRIZE!

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