Sunday, December 9, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday- Next Novella!!

Good morning! For today's Six Sentence Sunday, I decided to share a bit from the soon-to-be-released Simple Treasures, my New Year's Honor Guard story coming out this month from Decadent Publishing.

In this scene, the hero, Colin, has just told the heroine, Joanna, something she didn't like, something that makes her question his ability to keep her safe. I'm not going into more detail than that right now because I really want you to read the story when it comes out! LOL! BUT, for now, here is Colin's response:

His first day on the job was not supposed to fall apart. He’d be sacked before he even earned a pound note. His nerves clenched. His feet itched to run across the room so he could grab her and set himself between her and the door. But he stayed rooted to the floor where he stood. “Joanna, you’re not to go.”
What do you think? Thanks for visiting! In the next few weeks I'll be sharing more of Colin and Joanna's story with you, to hopefully tempt you to give me a GREAT Christmas present and buy the book when it comes out!


  1. Oh, I wonder if she'll listen, or he'll have to chase after her. Great six! :)

  2. Oh, yes. Loving the tension. Well done. Have I told you I love that cover, really beautiful.