Monday, December 31, 2012

Release Party- Day 7!

Good morning! I hope you all have a safe and Happy New Year! If you drink today and tonight, PLEASE don't drive! Be responsible so that we can all share the new year together. 
Every year I share a list of my accomplishments and troubles so I (and you) can see the sum of my year. Since Simple Treasures is a New Year's story, I decided to extend my Release Party to include my 2012 summary and 2013 goals.
So, in 2012...
I saw my first 3 books go up for sale.
I signed 2 more book contracts.
I celebrated a year at my part-time tutoring job with a great review and a raise.
I had a mini fire that could have killed me while I slept.
I moved again.
I received two more rejections on two other writing projects.
I went back to my hometown for the first time in 3 years.
I met my cousin's 2nd little girl. 
I began teaching a new online class, and taught 6 classes altogether.
I signed up to teach 9 online classes in 2013.
I submitted another project that I can't share information about yet.
I signed a contract for a full-time job as a writing tutor at a charter school.
I lost about 12lbs.
I put those 12lbs back on. (And I think I did it all over Christmas!!!!)
All in all, I really can't complain. I'm fairly healthy, happy, doing what I love and I have wonderful family and friends in my life. I can't wait to see what AWESOME surprises 2013 brings! 
 AND.....for 2013.....I plan to....
Go back to my home state again and visit more friends.
Submit at least 3 Honor Guard novellas and maybe 2 short stories to Decadent.
Continue submitting my full-length books to publishers.
Complete the revisions on at least 2 of my full-length stories.
Complete the next draft on one of my last NaNoWriMo books.
Lose 20lbs.
Keep off most of the 20lbs.
Study more about being a writer.
Have a party and maybe a book signing when my Honor Guard Anthology is released!
Get to at least one writers/readers conference.
Live a little more since I'll have a steady income. But not too much. I have writing to do!
Thank you to EVERYONE who visited during my Simple Treasures Release Party! And thank you for all your comments. Be sure to comment today too and be in the running for the final prize!
Tomorrow starts a New Year and I'll be participating in a New Year's Blog Hop! Hope you'll consider joining us for that, too!


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  1. Happy release day and happy new year!