Sunday, July 29, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

Hello, hello! I can't believe it's already Sunday again. I'm happy to share with you another snippet from my current manuscript, Her Reluctant Protector. To refresh your memory, Jessa's brother has gone missing and he's sent his friend Matt to keep her safe. They, of course, want to do whatever they can to help the brother, but those choices put their lives in danger too.

Last week, Matt gave Jessa a gun to protect them both, but she wasn't ready to take it. He convinced her to practice using it while it was unloaded so she can start to get used to it. That's where we pick up the story this week:

She may not have wanted to shoot before, but she learned quickly.  Each time she practiced, her movements became more fluid.
Matt smiled and allowed hope to gather inside him.  Even though shooting a person was different than pretending with a target, maybe she’d have the guts to pull it off if he needed her to.  If there was a God, though, it wouldn’t come to that.  
“This time, from where you’re standing right now, I want you to imagine someone other than me coming through that door.” 

Thanks for letting me share bits of my latest baby with you these last few weeks. Next week will be our last visit with Matt and Jessa so be sure to turn in! As for today, visit for more snippets from other authors. And be sure to leave comments for them! (Authors love those!)


  1. Great six, Alexa! Can't wait to

  2. I have a hard time writing just six sentences :-P

  3. LOL! I have a hard time picking out six sentences that make sense separated from the rest of the scene!

  4. She is, of course, going to have to shoot at someone, right? If so, great foretelling.

  5. Virginia, all I'll admit to is that Jessa has some later on. :-)