Friday, July 13, 2012

I Think I Can......

I told myself if I could get to 60,000 words on HER RELUCTANT PROTECTOR, then I could do ANYTHING! If I could get to 60,000 words, the last 10,000 wouldn't be impossible. If I could get to 60,000 words, I'd be halfway to the total # of words I need to add.

I hit 61,000 words last night after a near-4000 word writing day.

Today I tended to other things- working outside the house, promo stuff that needed to be done, full-time job search, reading.

Tomorrow I intend to get busy with the next chunk of new words. This weekend I expect to get a significant amount of work done. After all, I told the editor I'd resubmit the manuscript by the first week in August. I have to revise the suspense angle of my plot since there's a new addition to the team of villains! I have to figure out where he belongs and how to have his story unfold so that the reader is a bit shocked when he's revealed.

Wish me luck!


  1. I'm not worthy...I'm not worthy...(that's me bowing to you). All I can say is HOLY S@%T! 61K words - YOU ARE MY HERO!


  2. LOL, Maria! Thanks! But it's not THAT much of an accomplishment. I mean, I'd already written 51K over a year ago. This is just adding on, expanding and making it one kick-arse story.