Sunday, July 15, 2012

6 More Sentences From Her Reluctant Protector

If you stopped by last week, you met Matt and his heroine, Jessa. Today I'm sharing another snippet from their story, one where they're in the same hotel room they were in last week. Enjoy!

“I don’t know how to shoot a gun.”  Instead of accepting the weapon, she twisted her hands.

“Your brother’s a cop.  He never showed you how to shoot?”

            She shook her head.  “Weapons and danger are part of Mick’s life not mine.”

So, will Jessa take the weapon? Or will she fight Matt on it? Can he convince her it's in their best interests for her to learn to protect them both? You'll have to wait to find out!
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I'm off to do that myself!


  1. Great six!I was so nervous the first time my DH took me to target practice.

  2. Thanks, Jessica! I first shot a gun at the FBI Academy during RWA in DC. I stopped early because I just felt too uncomfortable. It gave me a new respect for people who carry them for their jobs.

  3. great job, I can relate! Guns make me uncomfortable too...

  4. Thanks, Mackenzie and Maryellen!