Saturday, July 21, 2012

Checkin' In

Hiya! Been working hard on my revisions for HER RELUCTANT PROTECTOR. I finally added the 19,000 words I needed to add and I'm so excited about where the story is going! I took a break, had a drink to celebrate hitting 70k and now I'm onto round 2 of my revisions, which will be me putting those new scenes in the story where they should be and revising to make them fit perfectly.

I hope you make plans to visit tomorrow because I'm participating in Six Sentence Sunday again with another scene from this story. Not sure which scene yet, so you'll have to come back to see!

I've got a few places I'll be out and about online this week so I hope you'll be around to check those out too. Interviews Tuesday and Wednesday and then Thursday I'll be spotlighting the RITA finalists in the romance novella category on one of my other online homes.

See you later!

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