Wednesday, April 4, 2012

You Mean It's The Fourth? And Wednesday?

All week I've been a day behind until it got me screwed up today. I was on the phone with a customer service clerk ranting and raving about how they're messing with me and she kindly informed me that today is the 4th and it's Wednesday and I'm the idiot. Ugh.

I'm happily working on the partial request, hoping to get it to my CP this weekend. I'm still waiting to hear on 2 other submissions and today, while herding a class of 2nd graders, I figured out my writing plan for the next few months. (You know, which story gets written when.) Of course, that may all change and I'll GLADLY reorganize my plans for a contract!

I'm still promoting HER HIGHLAND CHAMPION. This week I'm the spotlight author on the Chicks of Characterization blog. Stop by if you have a chance! I've gotten a few reviews on Amazon so far, and this is what people are saying:

"Malcom Fraser, a retired bodyguard with secrets of his own, charges into her life and heart with all the passion and desire of a Highland laird from history....Add a dash of suspense with a twisting sub-plot, another area of expertise in which Ms. Bourne excels, and you've got a riveting story that keeps you turning pages to the end." - Deborah Sanders

"The connection between Heather and Malcolm was so rich, and it moved through the story so perfectly. And Malcolm, as a Scottish hero, was every bit as num-num as those kilted Scottish lairds of old."- Rebecca from Montana

"I knew this was romantic suspense, but I didn't expect the romance to be so . . . hot! If you love Highland Warrior heros, Alexa Bourne has brought one right into the twenty-first century for us. He's a keeper, ladies - sexy brogue and all."- Irene Preston

I'm so tickled with these! How lucky am I?

I will tell you that I'm already obsessing about sales rankings. Not that I expect it to be high yet on anything because I'm a completely new author with a completely new book. But I look at Amazon and think, "What if no one is buying except friends? What if my publisher FINALLY starts thinking What did we do?" If you let it, this crap can totally drive you insane! BUT, I am stronger. I will NOT be defeated! I have too many stories to tell!

I'm putting together a new online class for me to teach, a class I always wished someone had done. I'm calling it Candid Confessions of a Newbie Author- Insider Information from my 1st year of publishing. What do you think?