Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I submitted a proposal for a new online class called "Candid Confessions of a Newbie Author" and it was accepted by an RWA chapter! I always wanted to know what happened after the contract was signed and before the book came out, but no one ever gave me enough details. So I decided to create my own class. I talk about getting THE CALL, edits (and all the versions), promotion, release day, more promo, planning what's next. It's basically an inside look at my 1st year as a published author. The class will be in November!

I had a question about when Her Highland Champion would be available through Barnes & Noble, so I emailed a lovely senior editor who has been friendly and helpful before. We ended up trading emails on Monday and some good things happened that left my head spinning. Unfortunately, I can't tell you details yet! BUT as soon as I can you know I will!

Ooooh, but I think I can tell you that this editor said she was waiting for novella #2 (which is Fractured Paradise) from me. I told her I'd submitted it 7 weeks ago. So she said she was going to go find it and see if she could speed up the submission process!

Okay, back to work I go! MUST get busy with that requested partial. Much longer and the editor who requested it won't remember at all!