Monday, April 30, 2012

Tour Ender- It's EPIC!

Today is the last day for my HER HIGHLAND CHAMPION blog tour! That means it's the last day you can leave a comment to win the tour prize- a copy of the book, an Amazon gift card and a Scottish surprise!

Today's post is an entry from the heroine's diary. Heather writes about her last day in the hospital and how she feels about leaving with Malcolm. I promise it'll be an interesting read for anyone who has already read the book AND for those of you who haven't yet had a chance to read or buy the book. Who knows? Maybe it will convince you to take a chance on my writing and me!

Visit here to read Heather Winchester's diary. Thank you to everyone who has come out these past couple of weeks to celebrate my book during this blog tour! Stay tuned afterward too. The winner of the blog tour prize will be announced later this week.


  1. Off to read the diary :o)
    (And many thanks for dropping by the APA Blog)

    1. Hello alexa bourne,I feel honored to have this chance to write to you my beautiful aunt invited me to this event,(virginia wright),as she knows'how much i love reading,My favorite authors'are:Robert Jordan,V.C.Andrews,Anne Rice,Stephen King,Dean Koontz VIRGINIA Wright & many more...My love of reading started as early as i can remember,then it just progressed as i got older,its' something that i believe runs' in the family for every one that i know enjoys it, its'one of my favorite pass times where i'm able to escape and re-live through the authors' eyes.I also enjoy writing although its' been some time since i have tried to write,every day life takes hold and forms' a block for me,My auntie has been coaching me to get back at it!I guess for now i'm a work in progress,I would be pleased to read your work and become a new fan of yours'until then happy reading!-Nynaeve Almeara