Saturday, March 24, 2012

Release Party Day 7-What's Next For Alexa?

The time for playing is almost over. Thank you all for spending time with me this week and making my 1st book release so special. I appreciate your support! There will be one more prize for today, another gift card for Amazon, and then I'll be drawing for the GRAND PRIZE tonight after midnight. Be sure to comment for your chances to win!

So, what's next on my agenda? Of course, I'm back at work on a different project. I have submitted the next novella to Decadent Publishing and I'm waiting to hear if they want it. (Keep your fingers crossed!) That story, called Fractured Paradise, is set in northern England and will star the IPN's technical analyst. Here's a sneak peek:

In a perfect world, Rachel Grant would be sitting on the back porch of her grandmother’s English cottage sipping a pint of lager while watching the boats ferry tourists across the North Sea. 
But this wasn’t a perfect world.
The small cottage she’d been sent to “tidy-up” stared at her with broken windows, exterior walls missing slats of wood and stone, and a thousand years of neglect. Uncontrolled grasses choked the once vibrant and sweet-smelling gardens. Her sanctuary, Nan had called it?  Maybe sometime in the last century.
Rachel dropped her suitcases and flexed her fingers. She’d come to do a little dusting, a little washing and poof, she’d have the cottage ready for Nan’s return. But this...eyesore required extensive renovations. As a technical analyst for the International Protective Network, Rachel worked with computers and digital research. Manual labor was way out of her comfort zone.
Thunder crackled above, and Rachel squinted up to the sky. An impending storm prepared to drench her at any moment. Not that it would make much difference. She’d soaked herself through when she’d rowed out to this isolated, pathetic piece of dirt. 
She shivered against the cursed wind, ran her fingers through her hair and blew out a slow breath. Now what? 
She’d given up her seat in front of a flat screen and a keyboard back in Edinburgh to execute Nan’s fanciful ideas of returning to Sunderland. Rachel had agreed only because it was for Nan, but... 
“This, I did not sign up for.” Tears pricked at the corners of her wind-burned eyes, threatening to rip her resolve to shreds. Getting here had been hard enough. It wasn’t fair that her island of paradise looked like the summer cottage from a teenage horror movie. 

So, what do you think?
Besides this, I'm revising novella #3, waiting to hear on another submission and I'm working on revising a requested partial.

If you haven't had enough of me yet, come visit me on any one of my guest blog spots I've lined up. There will be character interviews, more in depth details and more chances to win copies of my book or other prizes!

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  1. I like it!! There aren't enough stories set in Sunderland!! :)

  2. Thanks, Leanne! I had planned to write something set in Sunderland, but originally it wasn't this story. Then I thought more about it and during revisions I thought, "Why not?"

  3. Natalie, it has a very interesting story. If it gets picked up by my publisher I'll be sharing its history too!

  4. Jennifer (JC Page)March 24, 2012 at 3:38 PM

    Alexa, what a wonderful site and happy to hear of your first release! The book cover is beautiful....I noticed first how Rachel is on the bottom and the mystery man is on the top...who is the guy? Is he looking down on her? So many questions...keeps the reader on their toes ;) All the best and hope you have the best time,

    Your Celtic Sister,

  5. Love the teaser of FP. Sounds great. Eagerly awaiting your release. Hang in there.

  6. Love it. Love your voice. It'll be fun watching Rachel surmount all the obstacles you put in her way.

  7. Thanks, Jennifer/JC! The man is the hero who doesn't want to be a hero!

    Jan Hudson, you can't begin to know what your support means to me! Thanks for stopping by!

    Thanks, Willa! Rachel has a lot to contend with and learn. I hope you get the chance to read her story someday!

  8. So how come I'm just seeing this? How absolutely wonderful!! I wish I had known sooner .. but happy release!!!! I'm so excited for you .. and to think that I knew you when. I'm so proud. Congratulations!

  9. This has been so much fun! Thanks for inviting me. Love the excerpt from the next novel. (please add me as a site to visit! Thanks!)