Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Release Party Day 3- Why the Scottish Highlands?

Welcome back! Today is Day 3 of my Release Party for Her Highland Champion! Today I'm sharing pictures of various Scottish scenery. Some of the pictures I took, and some of them were taken by one of my brothers. If you take a  look, you'll see why I couldn't resist setting a story here.
Outside the front door of the Glenfinnan House Hotel

View of Loch Shiel from the front lawn of the Glenfinnan House Hotel

Glenfinnan as seen from the train


Coast off the Isle of Skye

Somewhere in the Highlands

Isle of Skye

Glenfinnan Monument on the shore of Loch Shiel

Loch Shiel at the end of the day

So which one is your favorite picture? Can you choose?
I know I'd have a hard time!

Remember to comment today to be in the running for prize #2, a "win it before you can buy it" copy of my book!


  1. Who can pick a favorite? They're all awesome. Congrats on the release, I can't wait to read it. I need a Scotsman in my life. :)

  2. Makes me so homesick for Scotland. I haven't been in forever. Love the Loch Shiel shots.

  3. Gorgeous photos! I think my favorite is the coast of the Isle of Skye but....the others are wonderful too.

  4. Beautiful pictures, Alexa!!! I do believe the monument you saw is of Bonnie Prince Charlie. During the Jacobite Rebellion, he lead his troops right through Glenfinnan. I'd love to see this in person one day. Thank you for sharing. :)

    -Diva J.

  5. Gorgeous photos!! It's impossible to pick one favorite. There's something to love about every place in Scotland. I've never been to Loch Shiel or Glenfinnan but hope to go there one day.

  6. Avery, it is hard to pick! And as for the Scotsman coming into your life, Malcolm's pretty hot! I hope you'll like him.

    Jane, I'm going through withdrawal for Scotland!

    April, I think my favorite one is the one with the mist somewhere in the Highlands.

    Diva, it'a actually just a statue of a generic Highlander, but it is to signify those who joined Bonnie Prince Charlie in Glenfinnan.

    Vonda, you really need to add it to your "To Be Visited" list! My 1st stop was on a tour for a few hours. I LOVED it so much I ended up going back for a 2-night stay the next time I was in Scotland.

  7. I have to go with Loch Schiel at the End of the Day.

    Seems peaceful, relaxing, and I really want to be there!
    Best of luck with the release Alexa !


  8. Somewhere in the Highlands is my favorite if I have to choose. Gorgeous photos, Alexa. Thanks for sharing part of your trip with us this morning.

  9. Can't pick one. They're all gorgeous. Maybe you should go back and take them again... Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful scenery, Lexi!

  10. Angi, that pic is another of my favorites. I was sitting in the pub in the hotel and decided to take pictures with the sun going down. I couldn't believe how great it came out!

    Paisley, I'll ALWAYS share anything I can of Scotland!

    Pat, I like that plan!

  11. I have only been to the Highlands once... I prefer the Lowlands if I'm honest! An Edinburgh story next maybe???? Looking forward to reading the book soon x

  12. Gorgeous setting, Alexa! I think if I have to pick, it should be the Coast off the Isle of Skye. I have a fascination with cliffs. Here's many wishes for a wonderful release and heaps of sales! :)

  13. Thanks, Natalie!

    Leanne, if my publisher takes them, the next one is set in Sunderland and the 3rd is set in Edinburgh during Hogmanay!

    Thanks so much, Misty! That picture reminds me of the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland too. Absolutely beautiful.

  14. The last one looks so serene at the end of the day! beautiful!

  15. Yep, I just stood there and sighed with a big smile on my face during that one, Tami.

  16. Wonderful photos;thanks for sharing. My favorite has to be "Somewhere in the Highlands," all that mysterious mist seems to sum up my mental images of the romantic Highlands.