Thursday, March 22, 2012

Release Party Day 5-Inspiration- Part II

Earlier today I shared the books that steered me in this direction. This afternoon I want to share the boys who steered me in this direction.

The original Highlander movie (with Christopher Lambert as Connor MacLeod) was my biggest inspiration for setting a story in Scotland. After a rough day tour from Sunderland, England when I was 10 to Scotland where I ate a burger in a Woolworth's type place, I vowed never to set foot in Scotland again.
When I watched this movie again and again, I fell in love a bit more with the scenery and the idea of Connor (and later Duncan) coming from the village of Glenfinnan on the shores of Loch Shiel. Combined with the books I mentioned this morning, I changed my opinion and suddenly couldn't wait to visit the Scotland in this movie and the books. In 1997, I did set foot in the country again and made my first visit to Glenfinnan, which eventually became the inspiration for Glenhalish.

 (Adrian Paul as Duncan MacLeod in Highlander: The Series)

(Cast of Monarch of the Glen, a contemporary Scottish soap opera)

While people raved about Mel Gibson as William Wallace, I LOVED Liam Neeson as Rob Roy.

The rest of these boys I added just because...

And well, how could I NOT include Sir Sean (who was also in the original Highlander movie as Juan Ramirez)?

So, got a favorite here? I'm not sure I can choose. Remember to comment for a chance at prize #3, a Celtic bag and a copy of Scottish Life magazine!


  1. Alexa,I LOVED Liam Neeson in Rob Roy! And in everything else he ever starred in! He's the inspiration for my latest hero!

  2. Cynthia, wasn't Rob Roy perfect???? I loved him too.

  3. I have to admit, Alexa, I LOVED all of them. Especially Rob Roy. Such a wonderful movie! Like the quote says, "Real men wear kilts!"
    Oh, and I'll have to check out Monarch of the Glen. I haven't even heard of it!

    Thanks for sharing your inspirations,
    Diva J.

  4. Diva, Monarch is a GREAT series! It's no longer on, but PBS used to play back the episodes.