Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Release Party Day 4-Fun Facts Continued

As promised, here are the FUN FACTS for my characters! Enjoy!

*He was adopted by Mary and Donald Findlay when they found him huddled behind their house in the snow. He was 6.

*His biological father killed his biological mother. (He kept his mother's maiden name as his last name.)

*He met his best friend and IPN colleague, Ian MacKenzie, in school shortly after he moved to the Findlay's home.

*Ian actually recruited Malcolm to work in the International Protective Network.

*He was engaged to be married once. The woman called off the wedding when she found out about his violent childood and because she was afraid he'd turn into his abusive father.

*His adoptive father taught him to use running as a way to deal with his anger and his feelings. He's run ever since no matter which country he's in.

*He listens to alternative music when he runs.

*Her favorite movie is Indiana Jones-Raiders of the Lost Ark

*She grew up in Cooperstown, New York

*She's an only child whose parents were killed by a drunk driver. She was raised by her mother's sister.

* She received her Bachelor's degree from Byrne College, a fictional school in New York City.

*She'd read about the archeological sites in Scotland, specifically Skara Brae and Mae's Howe, while she was in high school. During her studies as an undergrad, she "fell in love" with Scotland and decided to research an exchange program for her graduate degree.

*Jamie MacDougall (the pub owner) proposed to Mary (Malcolm's right hand woman) during half-time at a football match.

*Mary said no. It took Jamie 2 more times proposing before she said yes. They've been together for 11 years, married for 6.

*Hagrid from the Harry Potter series was the inspiration for Jamie.

*Meggie MacDougall, the village gossip queen, tells everyone she'd like to get out of Glenhalish, but secretly she's terrified of leaving.

*Inspector Patrick Cameron became friends wih Malcolm and Ian when they moved to Edinburgh.

*Ian MacKenzie makes an appearance in Her Highland Champion and the next story, Fractured Paradise. He will be the hero of his own story hopefully later this year.

*The Kierlain House, Malcolm's bed and breakfast, was created after I stayed in the Glenfinnan House Hotel in Glenfinnan, Scotland.

So, do any of these FUN FACTS make you more curious about the story?

Remember, today's prize is a "win it before you can buy it" copy of the book, so be sure to comment and get your chance to win! I'll be picking a winner after midnight tonight!


  1. Very interesting stuff! It makes me intrigued ;)

  2. Yes, these definitely make me want to read it and learn more about each character.

  3. Can't wait to read it! Am hoping to visit the highlands - would be good to read it there ......

  4. You've certainly done thorough characterizations, Lexi. Quite a cast, one I wouldn't mind spending some time with.

  5. I can't wait!

  6. Thanks, everyone! You've got to remember these people have been in my head for over a decade so I've had PLENTY of time to get to know them! Sue, how cool would that be to read it in the Highlands!?!?!

  7. A B&B in Scotland would always stir my interests. :) Sounds like a great story could come out of all of these posts. Good luck, Alexa.

  8. Amazing, but I'm not surprised at all!