Sunday, March 18, 2012


Welcome to my virtual release party for my very 1st book! I'm so excited to share this event with you! I've got lots of plans for the next week and I hope you'll be able to visit every day. Let's start the festivities with my gorgeous cover and a little about my contemporary Scottish romantic suspense story:

Meet American Heather Winchester and Scotsman Malcolm Fraser.

She needed a hero.
He had no courage to be one.
But danger from her past will force them to find courage in themselves... and each other.

Clearly you're all intrigued, right? And you can't WAIT to read your very own copy, right? Well, you'll have to wait a few more days. The book releases on Friday from Decadent Publishing. I'll have more details on that later this week.

Here's the rundown for the party plans:
Sunday- (2 posts) Introduction, the prizes, "The Call"
Monday- (1 post) Get to Know Lexi, UK Connection
Tuesday-(1 post) Inspiration Part I- Scottish Highlands 
Wednesday- (2 posts) Fun Facts about my characters and me, and the story behind the story
Thursday- (2 posts) Inspiration Part II- Books and Boys
Friday- (1 post) Official Release Day! Yay! Blurb & Excerpt
Saturday- (1 post) What's next for Lexi?

There will be FIVE chances to win a prize. Below you can see the picture of the various prizes. The winners will be chosen at random based on the comments left. SO the more comments you leave, the better your chances are of winning something. PLUS if you are a follower of this blog (or become a follower this week) you will get an extra entry for each contest.

Winner of Prize #1 will be chosen from comments left today and tomorrow.
Winner of Prize #2 will be chosen from comments left Tuesday and Wednesday.
Winner of Prize #3 will be chosen from comments left Thursday and Friday.
Winner of Prize #4 will be chosen from comments left Saturday.
Grand Prize Winner will be chosen at midnight Saturday and will be chosen from all commenters all week.

OKAY! I'm going to stop here and give you a chance to breathe! I'll be back later today with the details of "The Call".


  1. Yeah! This is sooo exciting. I'm definitely MORE than excited for you!

  2. Thanks so much, Tami! I'm getting pretty excited myself!

  3. Congratulations, Alexa!!!! I'm so happy for you!

  4. Hooray, Lex! I am soooo excited for you and for the release of this story!!

  5. Major congrats, Alexa! This is so exciting. Love the cover!

  6. Can't wait to buy the book. Whoohooo! Congratulations!

  7. Thanks, everyone! I STILL can't believe it!

    Jenna, you know this wouldn't be happening without your FANTABULOUS critiquing!

    Robin, I think I'm pretty lucky with this cover for sure!

  8. hey my friend! Looking forward to getting your book when it comes out. love gina

  9. It's a long flight home in a couple of months - need to get your book for my DW to read en route. Maybe I'll check it out on the way back ... Love ya John

  10. Gayl and Mario RodriguezMarch 18, 2012 at 2:24 PM

    We are so happy for you, hope the book is a great hit! Can't wait to read it!

  11. Congrats, Alexa!! I look forward to checking it out!

    -Diva J.

  12. Gina, thanks for stopping by!

    LOL, John! I can tell you it's not really your type of story, but thanks for your support! You know I LOVE that!

    Thanks so much, Gayl! I hope it's a great hit too!

    Awesome, Diva! Thanks so much!