Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Musts

I must....

Take a sub job if anything comes up.

Submit a different manuscript query to an editor.

Work on lesson plans for my April class, Killer Openings, that is happening through Yosemite Romance Writers.

Find ways to distract myself from thinking about the Golden Heart and Rita announcements at the end of the week.

Get back to writing Lies.

Read!  (Since I've bought 7 books in the last few days!)

Get to my weight class.


  1. Busy day, did you get it all accomplished?

  2. No sub job, sent off a partial to a slush pile, worked on lesson plans, stopped thinking about the GH & Rita announcements for about ten seconds, thought about how to fix my Lies plot, rad about 4 pages I think, and went to my weight class!