Saturday, March 5, 2011

And We're Off!!!

Cue the Rocky training music.  I'm heading into a marathon writing day today.  I'm at 50% of the book's 2nd draft being done.  I'm going to write and get as much of the other 50% written and organized as I can today.  Wish me luck!

UPDATE:  It's done.  Well, as done as it will be for this draft.  I've been struggling to keep going over the last couple of hours and finally decided to just pull the plug.  Still got plot issues, still got huge chunks missing, but the skeleton story and romance are there.  I'll take a few days off and then start the marathon 3rd draft on Thursday.  Now?  Time to celebrate! 

And now, to keep you entertained...    


  1. That curse is so creepy, I had to share it on Facebook - hope you don't mind ;-)

  2. LOL! No, I don't mind, Tez! I'm just thinking what does it say about me that I LOVED it????