Monday, May 28, 2012

Checkin' In


I'm working on: Simple Treasures

I'm feeling: Cautiously optimistic, and tired, and like I need to be fitted for a straight jacket. This pace is fine for a stint like I'm doing (3-4 weeks), but I would NOT want to be like this every month. I've learned that I really need to budget my writing time.

I'm specifically working on: reorganizing the document and writing the connecting pieces plus the ending. Today is Memorial Day, so I'm not at the day jobs. I have the entire day to write. I sent Treasures to my CP last week and she tore it apart (which it DESPERATELY needed). I pondered whether or not to push to finish or to postpone it until next summer. But there are parts I love about the book, and I love the premise too, so I gave myself 1 day to replot and to recast with a different hero. Since doing that, it has been going well. I'm hoping to finish the current draft today so that I can revise & get busy with the next draft soon after. I won't make a June 1st deadline, but I think I can make it during the 1st week of June!

I'd like: Positive vibes throughout today. Many people are celebrating the holiday and the beginning of our summer. I'm working. I could use all the help I can get!

(Just a note to give you an idea of my workload this weekend- I did edits for novella #2, Fractured Paradise, on Friday after work and Saturday, put together a blog post/interview Saturday, & wrote 4200 words on the 1st short story. Sunday, I wrote and/or revised 8140 words on Simple Treasures.)

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