Thursday, May 24, 2012

Checkin' In


I'm working on: Short Story #1 and Simple Treasures, Honor Guard novella #3.

I'm feeling: FRUSTRATED!!! The real world is butting into my writing time. I'm making progress, but not as much or as fast as I'd hoped. Plus, being the helpful person I am, I volunteered to do a project that has taken a couple of hours of my writing time too. I'm happy I did the project, but I'm so angry with myself for signing up to do it when I wanted to be focused on writing this week.

I'm specifically working on: During the day I'm drafting the short story. (Think Sweet Home Alabama set it in contemporary Scotland.) At home, I'm doing the 3rd draft of the novella. (This one will have 5 drafts.)

I'd like: Good vibes coming my way! I'd also like a solid night's sleep. And for June to hurry up and get here so I can be just about done with this insane pace!

I'm using Snow White & the Huntsman as my incentive to get the novella sent by June 1 (the movie's release day) and the short story sent by June 4th.

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