Saturday, May 12, 2012

Pictures For Ya!

Christie Craig was the guest speaker at my last Austin RWA meeting. I've seen her speak before, have followed her career from the days before she sold, but nevertheless she was still such an inspirational speaker! I, as you know, have been struggling with the idea of still teaching (eventually in my own classroom again) when my writing has been taking off. Writing is my passion. THAT is what I want to pursue and I sort of felt like Christie gave me permission to do that. (Providing, of course, I still have food on the table and a roof over my head.) Thank you, Christie!

This picture is of Christie and her rejections she accumulated before she sold. And now? She's an award-winning author. Wow! Way to go!

Next up are note cards one of my best friends made for me! When I was sending out prizes during my release party and the blog tour, I was using note cards she had made and given me over the last few years. I thought to myself that if my publisher took the 2nd book (and later, hopefully the 3rd), maybe I'd ask her to make me some UK-themed cards I could use for promotion of the trilogy. Well, I guess once I got the contract for Fractured Paradise, she decided to go ahead and make me a sample! Aren't they beautiful?

 These are the 2 designs for the front.

This is the back of the cards. The inside is blank except for a sticker.

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